small kitchen gems

I will be attending grad school in the fall, and part of that requires me to move out of the DC suburbs and into the city. I've just made my first couple appointments to look at apartments, and I'm so excited! I absolutely can't wait to have my own space to furnish and decorate, even if that space is going to be quite small. In anticipation, I've already started buying a couple items here and there. It's probably not such a good idea since I don't know how much space I'll have, so I've stuck to some nice but useful items. These latte bowls from Anthropologie are my favorite purchases thus far:

Jewel assorted latte bowls, $30 at Anthropologie

Although they're a bit pricey and mismatched, which might make buying plates to go with them difficult (though I'm thinking these grey & white ones from Ikea, or something similarly neutral), I just absolutely love how colorful and vivid they are. Better yet, they're brighter versions of the bowls my host mom had when I studied abroad in Paris, which I always gravitated towards despite her wide array of crockery. I am in no way a morning person, but having breakfast out of these bowls will definitely add a bit of cheerfulness to the start of my day!

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