my new baby

This past Tuesday my best friend asked me to run some errands with her. What was supposed to be a short Target run and coffee date became a major shopping spree. My wallet is still sore, but I came out with some lovely new things :) The crown jewel of my purchases was definitely this bag, a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch.

                                                                      image from mayastar.com

I wore it to my friend's graduation party the day it arrived in the mail, and I'm in love! It's quite roomy, has an adorable print on the inside, and lots of pockets and compartments to keep my things organized. I love the chain strap, but it can also be removed so the bag can be worn as, well, a clutch. It's extremely versatile and even though I've only had it for three days it's already a staple in my wardrobe.

Hopefully I'll have some images of my own to put up soon... perhaps a "what's in my bag" post to come!


  1. Oh, that is SUCH a closet staple! Great for going out and everyday errands! Use it in good health!